How To Find Relief At The Dentist When You Have Arthritis Of The Jaw

Everyone needs to get their teeth examined and cleaned on a regular basis, but it's not always so easy if you suffer from a disease or disability. If you have arthritis in the jaw or neck, and it hurts to have your mouth open for extended periods of time, it doesn't mean that you can skip your visit to the dentist. There are ways that the dentist can potentially help to ease your discomfort.

3 Things Your Teen Should Expect Once The Braces Come Off

Parenting a teenager can be challenging at times, but parenting a teen who is wearing braces can be even more overwhelming. From a change in their appearance to the overall discomfort of having orthodontic treatment, it is easy to see why so many children and adolescents struggle while wearing braces. Fortunately, braces are not permanent fixtures in their mouth. When it is time for the braces to come off, you and your teen will experience relief.

Planning Your Summer Vacation? 3 Steps To Take To Make Sure Your Teeth Will Be Protected

If you're in the process of planning your summer vacation, don't forget about your teeth. The last thing you want is to end up with dental problems while you're trying to enjoy your vacation. Even if you take excellent care of your teeth, dental emergencies can pop up when you least expect them. To make sure your teeth are prepared for vacation, here are three steps you should take before you leave.

Steps To Take If You Crack Your Dental Crown

When you have teeth that are beyond repair, a crown is an ideal solution. However, while effective for replacing an otherwise damaged-beyond-repair tooth, dental crowns can and do crack a little easier than a regular tooth would. Whether you were chewing a piece of hard candy, were hit in the mouth with something, or otherwise took a hard hit to your dental crown, you should check it immediately for signs of cracks.

Why You Should Choose Porcelain Veneers Over Composite Resin Bonding For A Chipped Tooth

If you have a chipped front tooth that you are sick of seeing, you could visit a dentist to have this tooth fixed. The dentist may offer you several options for fixing the tooth, but the best option to fix a chipped front tooth is typically a veneer. Veneers are typically made of porcelain, but your dentist might also talk to you about using composite resin bonding to fix the chipped tooth.