Can You Speed Up Your Dental Implant Surgery Recovery Time?

As a form of surgery, the procedure to install dental implants isn't particularly intensive or invasive. You can go home the same day, and you will be feeling considerably better by the following day. It's not necessarily back to business as usual, since the site of the implant still needs to heal and adequate healing is crucial for the success of the implant. Still, you might be wondering if there's any way you can speed up the process?

Why Store-Bought Grind Guards Aren't The Answer For TMJ Sufferers

If you struggle with the symptoms and pain caused by temporomandibular joint disorder, chances are you want a solution. What might seem like an easy fix is to reach for a store-bought grinding guard, but is this really what you should do? Surprisingly, store-bought grinding guards may not be the best choice for your situation. Here's what you should know. Why You Should Have One Grinding guards, in general, are an excellent choice for people with TMJ.