3 Things Your Teen Should Expect Once The Braces Come Off

Parenting a teenager can be challenging at times, but parenting a teen who is wearing braces can be even more overwhelming. From a change in their appearance to the overall discomfort of having orthodontic treatment, it is easy to see why so many children and adolescents struggle while wearing braces. Fortunately, braces are not permanent fixtures in their mouth. When it is time for the braces to come off, you and your teen will experience relief. Here are a few things you and your teen should expect when the braces are finally removed.


Your teen will feel relief when the braces are removed, but they may also notice some unusual bumps inside their mouth. These bumps are actually calluses, which form on the inside of the lips and even on areas of the gum tissue.

Calluses develop because the metal brackets rub on the lips or gum tissue, causing slight irritation. This irritation is completely normal, especially since braces are usually worn between 1 and 2 years.

Your teen may not feel the calluses while the braces are in place, but they are noticeable once the braces come off.

Thankfully, the calluses do heal on their own, but your teen should know the bumps are normal and nothing to be worried about.

Eating Difficulty

When your teen first received their braces, they probably complained about the strange sensation or difficulty they experienced while eating. Over time, your teen will adjust to these feelings, learning how to eat with ease.

Unfortunately, when the braces come off, your teen will need to adjust to eating again. The calluses and swelling of the lips and gum tissue will cause some discomfort, reducing your teen's desire to eat. This should subside over time.

As the difficulty and sensitivity decreases, your teen should begin to enjoy eating again. They will be able to bite into hard objects, such as large apples, and eat sticky food or popcorn once their braces are off.


No matter how well your teen brushed their teeth while wearing braces, they will not be able to reach each part of the tooth because of the braces and brackets. Therefore, your teen's teeth may be discolored and stained in parts. This discoloration will be visible once the braces come off.

Consider scheduling a dental cleaning a few days after the braces are removed. This gives your teen's mouth some time to relax after the orthodontist removes the braces. Dental cleanings remove any food and plaque that have built up on the teeth, but they also help remove yellowing and other discoloration.

You should also ask your teen's dentist about a whitening treatment, which not only cleans the teeth but also whitens and brightens their smile.

To learn more about teenager orthodontics, talk to an orthodontist near you today.