Can You Speed Up Your Dental Implant Surgery Recovery Time?

As a form of surgery, the procedure to install dental implants isn't particularly intensive or invasive. You can go home the same day, and you will be feeling considerably better by the following day. It's not necessarily back to business as usual, since the site of the implant still needs to heal and adequate healing is crucial for the success of the implant. Still, you might be wondering if there's any way you can speed up the process?

The Stages of Healing

Sorry to tell you, but you can't reset your body's ability to heal. This process is quite remarkable and primarily takes place over four different stages. Given the fact that your implant surgery was minimally invasive and only required small incisions in your mouth, your healing time is already going to be as brief as it's possible to be. It's not possible to speed up this process, but the actual speed of recovery can depend on a number of considerations, generally related to your existing health and the number (and nature) of the implants you received.

What Affects Your Recovery Time

Multiple implants will be more of a physical strain for your body, with a minimally prolonged recovery time that reflects this. Also, you can expect a slightly longer recovery time if you required bone grafting before the implant could be fitted. Your age and existing health (and the subsequent state of your immune system) are other factors, as is if you drink alcohol (specifically the volume and frequency), along with whether you're a smoker.

Disrupting the Recovery Process

While you can't speed up your recovery process, it's very easy for you to disrupt the healing process, making it last longer than it has to. Fortunately, it's easy to prevent this from happening. Aftercare instructions are one of the dental implant services you'll receive, and it's crucial that you follow these instructions without deviating from them. These instructions will cover issues such as strenuous activity (and how long you need to abstain from it), the diet you need to follow (while taking care to avoid the affected portions of your jaw while chewing), as well as a strong recommendation that you avoid alcohol and tobacco. 

Remember, just because you might be feeling much better in the days after your dental implant surgery, your recovery will need to continue for a while. So don't assume that just because you're feeling okay, you can disregard your recovery instructions.