Dental Sedation: How To Help Your Child Through It

Going through a dental emergency can be traumatic for children. Depending on the nature of the emergency, there is a chance that your child will need to be sedated so the dentist can examine the teeth and move forward with the procedure. The sedation is needed not only to calm a scared child, and it also keeps the child still for delicate procedures. The following are some ways to keep you and your child from being too nervous at the thought of sedation:

Dental Dealings For Senior Citizens

As you age, it affects nearly every aspect of your health, and your dental health is no exception. You know that making healthy choices when it comes to food, getting some exercise, and seeing your doctor regularly can help prevent or delay some of the more negative effects of aging. You also have a lot of control about your dental health. To learn more about how to remedy four of the more common dental problems that affect older people, read on.

How to Repair Teeth Damaged By Nail Biting

If you're a habitual nail biter, chances are that your teeth have suffered some damage from it. Biting nails can cause teeth to become chipped and uneven, leading to an unsightly appearance. However, the good news is that you can easily have your appearance restored by a good cosmetic dentist. Read on to learn how painless and easy this process can be. How Teeth Get Damaged Teeth are designed to put up with a lot of abuse over your life, but biting your nails causes repeated stress to the same area over and over again.