How to Repair Teeth Damaged By Nail Biting

If you're a habitual nail biter, chances are that your teeth have suffered some damage from it. Biting nails can cause teeth to become chipped and uneven, leading to an unsightly appearance. However, the good news is that you can easily have your appearance restored by a good cosmetic dentist. Read on to learn how painless and easy this process can be.

How Teeth Get Damaged

Teeth are designed to put up with a lot of abuse over your life, but biting your nails causes repeated stress to the same area over and over again. This accelerates the normal aging process and wear and tear on your mouth, resulting in damage. In some instances, some teeth become only slightly uneven while others become chipped. The important thing is that if you or your dentist notice any damage, you get it repaired right away. If left untreated, teeth can eventually be worn down far enough to harm the enamel and increase your risk of cavities. Furthermore, the nerves could eventually become exposed, causing pain. The level of damage to your teeth will determine which type of repair you need.

Shaving Teeth Down

If your teeth are only mildly uneven, your dentist will most likely choose to shave down your teeth slightly, evening them. This is a lot like filing your nails; it barely shortens the teeth but gives them a smooth, level appearance. Your dentist will choose this option only if your teeth are in good enough health and have endured only slight damage. Shaving down your teeth won't impact the nerves at all, so it's a painless process. However, if your dentist chooses this method, you should do your best to stop biting your nails, as continuing to do so will damage and shorten your teeth further.

Restoring Lost Teeth

If you've already done too much damage to your teeth and chipped or severely shaved them down, your dentist will instead replace the missing bone. This process is called bonding, and like shaving, it's also a painless process.

Your dentist will apply resin to your teeth, restoring the appearance and functionality of the teeth. Once the dentist has finished applying the resin, they may file it down slightly in order to make it as even and natural looking as possible.

If your teeth are damaged from nail biting, you should try to stop biting your nails as soon as you can. However, the good news is that the damage your teeth have already undergone can be hidden effectively. Talk to a dentist, such as one at Alliance Family Dental, to find out which method of restoring your teeth is right for you.