Are Clear Aligners Better Than Traditional Braces?

Are you looking for ways to straighten your smile and not sure which option is best? Two options that you may be debating between are clear aligners and traditional braces. By knowing the key differences between these two alignment methods, you can select the method that works best for your needs.


The benefit of clear aligners is that they are going to look nearly invisible when wearing them on your teeth. The aligners create a snug fit over the teeth, press firmly on the surface, and are not that noticeable to others. It is not going to look like a mouthguard where it is incredibly obvious to others. Meanwhile, traditional braces are not nearly as discreet and will look noticeable to others immediately. You need to decide if you are okay with the look and any other benefits that they may provide to you.


Clear aligners have come a long way over the years to become an excellent treatment option to align teeth. Multiple trays are used to gradually shift your teeth into the correct position, so you'll have to switch to new trays periodically. You'll still need to return to the dentist for them to monitor your progress since it should not be assumed that everything is going smoothly.

Traditional braces can provide very precise and big adjustments when compared to clear aligners. They also require regular visits to an orthodontist to make adjustments to the braces, which is done by adjusting the tension to move teeth in different directions. Traditional braces may also be the only option when you need complex adjustments made since there are limits to what clear aligners can do.


Know that clear aligners are going to feel more comfortable in comparison to traditional braces. The plastic is a smooth surface that will not irritate your tongue or cheeks, as opposed to metal brackets and wires that can be sharp. You can also remove clear aligners for eating and brushing your teeth, which makes life a bit easier for you. Traditional braces cannot be removed for the entire treatment, so you must adjust to eating and cleaning them in a way that will work over the next several months. 

Not sure which solution is best for your needs? Reach out to a dentist to find out more information about clear aligners and traditional braces. You may be surprised about what you learn.