A Whitening Process That Uses A Bleaching Agent And LED Technology

Cosmetic whitening sessions that are performed in a dental office involve applying a bleaching agent to the front of teeth and using a LED teeth whitening lamp to support the removal of stains. As a first-time teeth whitening participant, you will want to prepare yourself for your office visit.

The Prep Steps

Pumice is a volcanic rock that is pitted and lightweight. Your cosmetic dentist may use pumice to remove tartar and plaque buildup from the front of your teeth. Pumice is also effective in making teeth smooth and shiny. Once your teeth have been polished, a dental chart will be used to compare the current color shade of your teeth with the examples displayed on the chart.

During a whitening session, your mouth will need to remain open. A cheek and lip retractor may be used to accomplish this. Gauze is often used to prevent a bleaching agent from coming into contact with the gumline and other parts of your mouth.

The Application And The Use Of LED Technology

A bleaching gel will be applied to the front of each tooth. Carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide will be used as the oxidizing agent. Blue LED lighting is used by many cosmetic dentists. It is believed that this type of lighting supports the teeth whitening process and could have an effect on how dramatic the results are. If your dentist relies upon LED technology for whitening procedures, you will be fitted with a mouthpiece that will direct the light toward the front of each tooth.

The whitening session could take an hour or longer to complete. Upon the completion of the session, your dentist will remove the mouthpiece, gauze, and cheek and lip retractor. All traces of the whitening agent will be removed from your teeth and you will be instructed to rinse your mouth out.

You can expect to feel some sensitivity in your teeth. Toothpaste that is formulated for sensitive teeth can be used to clean your teeth while you are experiencing discomfort. The avoidance of hot and cold beverages and crunchy foods will limit the amount of sensitivity you endure.

Before you leave the dental office, your dental provider may use the same dental chart that they referred to at the beginning of your appointment. Your teeth may be several shades lighter than they originally were. Your dentist will discuss followup whitening sessions, if you are going to receive multiple whitening procedures.

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