Dental Injuries – Are You Ready?

Dental injuries can happen at any given time. Your child doesn't have to be out on the football or soccer field to get hurt. They could do something as simple as walking down the stairs to the dinner table and get hurt. Are you ready to treat dental injuries that your kids may sustain? Here, you'll find a few tips to help you prepare for the worst, so you can hope for the best.

Have 2 Emergency Dental Contacts

Your family probably has a dentist that you go to, but does that dentist treat dental injuries? Some dentists refer  patients with dental injuries to dental surgeons or to the local emergency room. Know if your dentist treats injuries, and if not, look for two other dentists in the area that do.

You want the contact information for two practices because you never know when one will be unavailable. Having a back-up contact will help eliminate some of the stress that you'll be experiencing during the event. It also gives you two options. Know the location of each office so that you can determine which will be closer to where you are when the injury is sustained.

Keep a First Aid Kit

If you have kids, you should have at least one first aid kit in the home and a to-go first aid kit to keep in your car, diaper bag, or purse. Both first aid kits should have instant ice packs, alcohol wipes, sterile gauze, medical tape, and bandages. Tylenol for children and adults and some kind of disinfecting spray can also be helpful.

Another thing to make sure to keep on hand is a bottle of hand sanitizer. The last thing you want to do is introduce bacteria into any open wound, especially in the mouth.

Grab the Milk

If the tooth is completely knocked out, get some cold milk in a container with a lid. Place the tooth in the milk and go directly to the injury dentist. He may be able to put the tooth back in place as long as the root isn't damaged and the injury to the mouth isn't too serious. You just have to protect the root and keep it from being exposed to germs, dirt, and bacteria. The milk will protect it long enough for you to get to the dentist.

These tips will help you in the event that your kids would be unfortunate enough to experience a dental injury.

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