Dealing With Tooth Loss? 4 Reasons To Choose Denture Implants Instead Of Ordinary Dentures

If you've selected dentures to replace your missing teeth, you need to consider denture implants. Unlike ordinary dentures, denture implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss. If you're worried about cost, denture implants are less expensive than full-mouth implants. That's because you only need four implants to successfully secure the dentures in place. Here are four benefits you'll receive when you choose denture implants instead of ordinary dentures for your tooth replacement.

1. Helps Prevent Bone Loss

One of the problems with ordinary dentures is that they do nothing to prevent bone loss. In fact, ordinary dentures can actually speed up bone loss, especially if you wear them while you sleep. The constant pressure can cause your jaw bone to erode. One of the benefits of denture implants is that they're secured in place by four implant rods, which helps strengthen the bone and prevent loss.

2. Less Pain and Discomfort

Wearing removable dentures can lead to some serious pain and discomfort, especially if they don't fit properly. You can develop sores under your dentures that can become infected due to the high rate of bacteria that lives inside your mouth. Not only that, but when dentures aren't adjusted properly, they can either be too tight or too loose. Unfortunately, both these issues can also lead to pain and discomfort. Because denture implants are secured directly to your jaw bone, there's no worry about improper fit, which reduces the occurrence of pain and discomfort.

3. Better Biting Ability

When it comes to wearing ordinary dentures, chewing and biting can be difficult. That's because there's an uneven distribution of pressure on the biting surface. Not only that, but the dentures can slip when you try to bite down on your food. Because denture implants are permanently secured to your jaw, you experience a better biting ability, which makes it more comfortable for you to bite and chew.

4. Provides a More Customized Fit

One of the problems associated with ordinary dentures is that they don't always fit properly. One of the reasons for that is because the jaw bone can be difficult to conform to, especially if the impressions aren't done properly. Because denture implants are affixed to the secured implant rods, there's no worry about impressions. The denture can be customized to the shape and proportion of your mouth. Once it's affixed to the implant rods, you'll have a natural smile.