Is Your Teen Complaining About Crooked Teeth? Here's Why Orthodontic Treatments Shouldn't Be Overlooked

Whether due to pain or simply for vanity reasons, it's time to think about taking a trip to the orthodontist if your teem is complaining about their crooked teeth. You may not think there is much to worry about now, but orthodontic treatments should not be overlooked even if only for a few months. Here's why:

Avoid the Development of More Serious Ailments

One of the most important reasons to take your teen in for orthodontic treatment is to avoid the risk of them developing more serious ailments as time goes on. Crooked teeth and other structural problems can put extra pressure on the jaw which may lead to the onset of headaches, chronic jaw pain, and even TMJ.

Crooked teeth can be hard to clean too, which means there is more of a chance that debris will get stuck in them and that your teen will end up with tooth decay or infections early on in life. Having your teen's teeth adjusted and straightened as necessary will help your teen avoid all of these problems as they age.

Increase Your Teen's Confidence and Self-Esteem

Your teen is sure to appreciate the results of their orthodontic treatments in the form of increased confidence and higher self-esteem. No longer will they have to worry about whether any of their friends notice their crooked teeth and make fun of them. They'll never feel embarrassed about their teeth when trying out for a school performance or joining the choir. And they'll likely feel more professional and presentable when going on job interviews as they approach adulthood.

Improve Your Teen's Quality of Life

After orthodontic treatments, your teen can expect to enjoy a better quality of life overall. They will be able to more conveniently and quickly clean their teeth, so they'll be more likely to clean them more often. And problem areas should be easier for your teen to spot so they can get the dental care they need early on.

Mouthguards should fit better when your teen participates in sports, which will keep them safer on the field no matter what game they're playing. Eating should be more comfortable and efficient as well. And when all is said and done, having your teen's teeth straightened should help keep their dental bills down in the coming years.

Your teen's orthodontic specialist can provide you with a variety of treatment options during your initial consultation – schedule an appointment today.