What Type Of Injuries Could Your Child Athlete Face?

When children achieve their goals playing sports, it teaches them that they can accomplish any goal they set in life. Being successful at sports has a positive impact on your child's self-esteem. However, if you are a cautious parent, then you may be concerned about your child getting hurt. Read on to find out what type of injuries could your child athlete face and how to prepare. 

Injuries To Mouth And Teeth

Dental trauma and orofacial are common injuries that are encountered in sports. If your child plays contact sports, then the risk is even higher. Common injuries include dislocated teeth, broken primary tooth, tears to the lip and mouth, and puncture wounds.

You will need dental treatment for all of the injuries listed above. For example, a dentist can fix a fractured permanent tooth in a variety of ways. If the tooth's crown is fractured or chipped, then it is repaired by reconnecting the broken piece. On the other hand, if the pulp is exposed, then you will need a root canal.

It is common for a child to have some type of tooth injury during childhood. However, you should not allow injuries to the mouth and teeth to go untreated. These injuries can have lasting effects on your child's self-confidence and appearance.

Watch Out For Concussions

A concussion is another injury that occurs in sports. Children are more susceptible to concussions. They are more active in sports, and their brains are not fully developed. It makes them more vulnerable to injury.

Doctors also have a harder time diagnosing concussions in children. The child may not be capable of articulating their symptoms. Common symptoms may include vertigo, feeling in a fog and irritability. Some children are not always truthful about their symptoms. They may exaggerate their symptoms to get back on the field.

How To Protect Your Child

You have to make sure your child is well conditioned. The strongest and fastest athlete is less likely to get hurt. Your child also should know the proper techniques for warming up. An improper technique puts too much stress on your muscles and bone.

It is also important to make sure safety gear is well-maintained and correctly sized. Examples of safety gear include athletic cups, padding, mouth guards, and helmets. The protective gear should be approved by the organization that governs the sport.

Parents have to give their children the right tools to be successful adults. It just helps to inform yourself about the dangers of sports. For more information, contact a company like Professional Dental Center