Fearful Dental Patients: How To Deal With Dental Pain

For one reason or another, many people fail to go to the dentist on a regular basis. While some people fear the pain of the procedures that need to be done, others are simply fearful of the embarrassment due to the condition of his or her teeth. All of these reasons can cause fewer trips to the dentist, resulting in even further dental problems. It is a vicious cycle.

If you begin to notice pain in one tooth, it could be due to an abscess. Abscessed teeth occur when bacteria build up around the tooth and gum. This results in a painful lesion that will swell, bleed, and send painful shocks in your mouth. It is crucial to go to the dentist to get this cared for, no matter your level of fear. The following is information you need to know if you get an abscess:

Antibiotic Treatment

Your dentist will initially treat your abscess with antibiotics to clear up the infection. This will have to occur before any procedure can take place. However, do not fail to attend the follow-up appointment after you have finished a round of antibiotic. While the antibiotic can clear up the infection and thus lessen the pain, you still need to get to the root of the problem. Otherwise, that abscess will eventually return, leaving you to deal with that pain all over again.

Additional Treatment Options

The antibiotics will cure the abscess in the tooth, but it will not stop bacterial growth. It will continue to feed on your teeth and cause further issues. The inside of the decayed tooth will need to be removed. A root canal is going to be your best option.

As soon as fearful patients hear the words "root canal," they almost immediately panic. Thankfully, root canals of today are not like they once were. The technology involved in root canals now makes the procedure very easy with little pain. It is a small price to pay to prevent pain and further decay and damage to the teeth.

Dealing with toothaches does not have to be something that you have to endure long term. There are so many procedures that are no longer as archaic an painful as they once were. If you are a fearful dental patient, there are some options for you. You can seek out a dentist that specializes in fearful patients. You can also ask to be partially sedated for your procedure. No matter what option you choose, be sure not to neglect your teeth out of fear.

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