Preparing Your Kid For Their First Dental Consultation

Kids who aren't prepared for their first dental consultation get very anxious and scared during this initial visit. Avoid this by preparing your kid for this first visit. Here are some of the preparatory measures to adopt:

Discuss Dental Issues

The dental consultation shouldn't be the first time your child is hearing about dental issues. Before even scheduling a consultation, start talking to your child about their mouth, teeth, and tongue and the need to take care of their oral health. Stress the benefits of oral hygiene and help the child to practice tooth brushing. That way a stranger (the dentist) won't be the first person to talk dental-related issues with the child. Some parents have also had success with playing "dentist" with their kids. Take time to listen to your child's fears and feedback so that you can tell them to the dentist and prepare how to combat them.

Conduct A Meet-And-Greet

Once you have identified the right pediatric dentist, don't let the consultation period be the first time your child is seeing them. Ideally, the child and the dentist should be on friendly terms or at the very least familiar with each other before the big day comes. The best way to do this is to conduct a meet-and-greet tour with your dentist. This familiarization meeting won't involve any consultation or treatment; it's just an opportunity for your child to get used to the dentist. Many dentists befriend toddlers by giving them small gifts such as snacks or toys.

Schedule the Appointment When the Child Is Relaxed

Most children become grumpy and difficult to deal with when they are tired. Taking a tired child to the dentist is a recipe for disaster. Schedule the appointment at the time of the day when you know the child is relaxed and fresh. For most children, this means the appointment should be in the morning hours; but you know your child best.

Don't Use the Visit as a Punishment

One of the worst things you can do for your child is to "threaten" or "punish" then with the threat of dental treatment. That is a sure way of setting up your child for a lifelong fear of the dentist. Ideally, you should make the dental consultation appear as a normal part of life, and not a reward or punishment.

Hopefully, your child will breeze through their first dental consultation without any issues. don't forget that your child doesn't necessarily need to see your dentist; you need a pediatric dentist experienced in dealing with kids. To learn more, contact a dentist like Tore D Steinberg DDS PC.