Restoring Your Smile One Space At A Time

When you have missing teeth, it can be embarrassing to smile. If you have several teeth missing, your dentist will recommend a dental bridge or implants. Dental implant technology allows you to replace teeth you have lost with a natural-looking replacement. When you have a larger area of missing teeth and you don't want to get implants for each tooth, you can have a dental bridge created to give you a full set of teeth. Dental bridges are traditionally attached to nearby teeth, but you can also get a dental bridge that is secured into your mouth using titanium implants.

A Traditional Dental Bridge

There are benefits to getting a traditional dental bridge. If your dentist has determined that you are not healthy enough for titanium implants, you can still get a regular bridge done. People who smoke usually don't qualify for implants, as smoking can cause the implant to fail. When you have missing teeth, a bridge can restore your smile without the need to recover from implant surgery. The downside to a traditional bridge is that the attachment points on nearby teeth can cause those teeth to get ruined. Over time, the wires used can scrape away at the surface of the healthy teeth.

Implant Technology for Natural Looking Teeth

Titanium implants are used to create attachment points for a dental bridge. This technology is beneficial because the bridge is more permanent. It will look and feel like your natural teeth without ruining the healthy teeth nearby. If you only need one tooth replaced, a titanium rod and a crown made out of synthetic material looks just like a natural tooth. You don't have to treat your implants any differently than your normal teeth. You can expect your implant to last forever as long as it doesn't get chipped or broken like a natural tooth could.

When you are ready to get your natural smile back, it's time to meet with your dentist for a consultation. If you are in decent health and a non-smoker, your dentist will have more options to restore your teeth. When you are a smoker, or you are not healthy enough to heal from a dental implant, your dentist can still use traditional bridge methods to give you a full smile. When you want to look great and feel confident again, set up an appointment with your dentist to discuss your options. Click here for info.