3 Questions Answered About Veneers

Making significant changes to your teeth may allow you to feel more self-confident about your appearance. If you have teeth that are uneven, you may want to consider getting dental veneers. This dental process can typically be completed in only two visits to your dentist and is relatively painless. If getting veneers is on your list of things to do, you may want to have some important questions answered beforehand.

Question #1: What does the process involve?

There are various steps in getting veneers, and you will want to know what these include. Listed below is what you can typically expect when you get to your appointment:

1. Evaluation – Your dental professional will do a thorough examination of the teeth you want veneer on. This may involve taking X-rays and checking your bite to ensure you are a good candidate for this procedure.

2.  Preparation – Your dentist may need to shave off a small portion of your existing teeth to allow for the best possible fit for the veneers. There will also be an impression made of your teeth, and this will be sent to a dental lab.

3. Placing – Once the thin porcelain veneers are ready, you will return to the dental office and have these put in place. There may be some minor adjustments needed for the best fit.

Question #2: What is the cost of veneers?

It's not likely your dental insurer will cover any of these costs unless you've been involved in an accident that damaged your teeth. The average cost per tooth for veneers is $500–1,100.

Question #2: What is the lifespan of veneers?

You may want to know how long veneers will last after going to the expense, time and effort of getting veneers. The actual time will vary based on how well you take care of your teeth.

You will want to avoid biting on ice or opening bottles with your teeth to prevent these from breaking. Veneers are fragile just like natural teeth and should be cared for in the same way.

Studies indicate that veneers can last ten years and in many cases even longer when cared for properly.

Be sure to take the time to schedule your appointment today with a cosmetic dentist such as Patrick M Pitts in your area. Making an appointment will allow you to reap all of the numerous benefits of wearing veneers!