How To (Naturally) Stave Off Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is one of the less visible forms of cancer known to man, but it is still a grave health concern in America. This disease results in over 45 thousand new cases every year, with only 57% of those cases remaining alive after five years. There are, however, ways that you can lower your risk of contracting this dangerous form of cancer without subjecting yourself to repetitive, endless cycles of medication and too-frequent checkups, If you're looking for some ways to stave off oral cancer naturally, then here's a few tips you might need.

Embrace Indian Cuisine

Not only is it nutritionally rich and absolutely delicious, Indian cuisine has one other thing going for it: a high concentration of turmeric. Turmeric, which is a slightly spicy yellow root closely related to ginger, is a well-known anti-inflammatory -- but might just help protect you from oral cancer as well by killing cancer cells before they have a chance to wreak havoc on your body. Best of all, there is evidence it can help prevent oral cancer before it can begin -- saving you a lot of time and heartache, and satisfying your palate at the same time.

Eat Your Broccoli

Your mom was right -- eating your broccoli is essential to good health. However, it's not just because broccoli by itself is nutritious -- there are also signs that it could prevent oral cancers. A recent study showed a strong correlation between broccoli and cancer shrinkage in mice with oral cancer. It also showed that broccoli consumption could decrease the likelihood of oral cancer reappearing, and could even cut down on the number of tumors that develop. The study is still in early stages, but one thing's for sure -- when it comes to that big serving of broccoli, it's best to clear your plate.

Go to the Dentist

Sure, it's kind of a pain to go get regular check ups every six months, but it's essential for making sure you stay cancer-free. Oral cancer can easily spread (the medical term being metastasize) from your mouth to your throat or even further if left unchecked. Even if it doesn't spread, a diagnosis of oral cancer could bring in a truckload of experts, from an oral surgeon to an oncologist -- along with a hefty bill. With that in mind, the semi-annual trek to get your teeth cleaned and your mouth checked out doesn't seem like such a hassle.